A research guide from the greatness

Idea is cheap. Implementation, experimentation, and explanation is not.

Richard Hamming

  • Presentation video and Transcripts (http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~robins/YouAndYourResearch.html)
  • You’ve got to work on important problems. MY: Well, if you do not work on important problem, how do you produce important work.
  • In summary, I claim that some of the reasons why so many people who have greatness within their grasp don’t succeed are: they don’t work on important problems, they don’t become emotionally involved, they don’t try and change what is difficult to some other situation which is easily done but is still important, and they keep giving themselves alibis why they don’t. They keep saying that it is a matter of luck. I’ve told you how easy it is; furthermore I’ve told you how to reform. Therefore, go forth and become great scientists!
  • The person works on the right problem at the right time in the right way is what counts and nothing else.
  • Always think what’s the important thing in my field.

Takeo Kanade

  • Presentation video
  • Convince. If it works, it is convincing. “If they ask how your method works, they are not yet convinced. If they were, they would ask how much is it.”
  • Do fast. “If you come up with a good idea, there are at least two more people who think the same.” “Who said it first is not important, who gets there first is.”
  • Think like an amateur, act like an expert.